The holidays are winding down and Memphis City Sound Chorus only has one performance left of the season. We've been preparing our music for months but... now what?

Now we gear up for Region 25 Contest in March!

We have a lot of fun coming up in the next few months, including coaching by the accomplished and fabulous Queen of Harmony, Mary Rhea during a two-day workshop. She coached us briefly in for our contest last year and we've asked her to come back for an extened coaching workshop this year. She comes to us from OK City Chorus and is a celebrated member of the Barbershop world.

We're also gearing up by looking for YOU! Though we're always looking for members, our first push of the year happens Saturday, January 6th between 10a - 2p. So color your world with music and fill out the form to schedule your audition and find out more information here. We can't wait to hear you sing!